Guide: joining the chat server on

Scyldings offers several public spaces, chiefly among them Unpopular Academy, a space for discussing academic papers and more! This guide covers signing up for an account, and joining the public spaces; once done you will be able to text, call, and post images within our community. Expect about 5 minutes to complete the work. The chatrooms are located at

Before you start

Here is all that you’ll need to complete the process:

  • a computer with one of common web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.)
  • for privacy: VPN, enabled and operational
  • pick a login and fresh new password for your new account
  • optional, but recommended: an image for your avatar (profile picture)
  • optional, but recommended: a new email address for this purpose
  • be ready to write down and store securely login, password, and also an encryption key that will be provided
This guide covers the most common options – Element app in your browser, on a computer. Other options are available – installable apps for mobile and computers, in particular the Element (Android) and Element (IOS) for smartphones. With this guide as basis you will be able to use the other alternatives if you choose so.

Privacy considerations

It bears emphasizing the service is ran by community members, on a private server. I ask you to use VPN to maintain privacy; this avoids your computer connecting directly to the community-ran server. There are several common VPN providers, from my private experience I recommend ProtonVPN; if you have a ProtonMail account it is also a ProtonVPN account. A free tier is available. The server is located in US. Using the TOR network is also a viable alternative, at the pain of increased latency.

To maintain privacy, do not use your personal name and surname; instead pick a moniker (pseudonym). Likewise with profile image – I recommend you use a piece of artwork or otherwise something not connected to you personally. Consider using a new, separate email account – ProtonMail is a popular, free option.

Lastly, as part of service we offer voice chat and video conferencing. Before you join, be sure you want to share your voice with other users; consider privacy implications – somebody might recognize you in the future. Be double sure your camera is disabled, unless you are absolutely sure you want to show your picture.

Creating account

Creating a new account is straightforward, one-time process, and gives you access to the services.
To start, connect to the Element is a popular app for chatting on a server.
You will be greeted with option to Sign In and to Create Account; proceed with the later. Optionally you can select different language, however I discourage that – it would make rendering you help & assistance a bit harder.
Phone/mobile app users: you might need to use address “”, or alternatively “ as the Home Server to connect to.

Proceed with Create Account, and adjust the “Host account on” setting so that it reads “”:

Use Edit button to select and type “” for the server, as indicated below. This step is crucial for connecting to the communities.

Now provide an username and a password into the fields for the new account to be created. Email address is optional, I highly recommend it – allows for password recovery.

For username use lowercase letters, the underscore “_” character, and numbers. You will be able to adjust your display name later on – however the username is permanent.

Remember to use a new, strong password. As you won’t be using it daily, it’s fine to have a long password stored away securely.


Last step is confirming the email address (if supplied) – go to your mailbox and follow the link in the message sent from service. Be sure to check the “SPAM” folder in case the message doesn’t appear in the Inbox.

Congratulations, you are now ready to connect to the server and join the chatrooms 🙂

Connect and log in

Log in in the usual way – be sure the Homeserver is set to “”; adjust if need be (marked).

Hint: if you get message about “Incorrect username and/or password”, you might have missed the stop of verifying your email account as described above. Also a password reset option is available.

Enable Notifications in upper left corner (marked) and proceed with Explore Public Rooms at the bottom (marked).

Join the main chatrooms

There are several chatrooms (channels) on the server. You are in full control which ones to join – this also means you’ll need to explicitly join the ones that are of interest to you. The public chatrooms are starting points to join the Communities and explore further – as covered in the next chapter.

Join the three main public chatrooms ones (marked):

  • Unpopular Academy – academic discussion and knowledge sharing on specific subjects
  • Shallow Lore – casual social hangout
  • Scyldings Announcements – community and administrative updates


After clicking Join on Shallow Lore chatroom you’ll be presented with the chat. Next up use the Navigation Button in upper left corner (marked) to continue joining the other chatrooms.

Congratulations, you have joined the public chatrooms and you are ready to start chatting. Welcome to the fold!

Exploring further

The chatrooms also lead further to Communities that are worth exploring. Most of the interesting conversations happen in specialized chatrooms in the communities, so push onward to join more chatrooms:

  • Unpopular Academy Community: join community through clicking the link in the chatroom’s subject
  • Shallow Lore Community: join community through clicking the link in the chatroom’s subject

In both cases you will be presented with information about community and list of several specialized, topical chatrooms worth joining.

Thank you

By following this guide you should have signed up, logged in, and joined several chatrooms of interest to you. If you have further questions, please direct them at members of the public chats.
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